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Break the Starving Artist Mentality

Yes, you can EAT without being famous.  How you might ask?  1.  Be clear about your brand and message.  2. Create so that your tribe discovers you and you will be attracted to your "tribe".  3.  Diversify your gig distribution channels.  4. Be sure to have added...

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Dreams are real!

Always consider the source!  When someone tells you to "get over it and get a real job", or "you still trying to be an actor?", or "aren't you too old for that?"  Think about who is saying it. I can almost bet for certain it is someone who has never risks anything or...

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Love is ALWAYS the option!

Creatives, we must choose love!  We have to love ourselves and allow that love to expand to our family, friends and community-at-large.  Why?  Because how we feel DIRECTLY effect your performance and ability to CREATE! Therefore, we must take time out to do the things...

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