Always consider the source!  When someone tells you to “get over it and get a real job”, or “you still trying to be an actor?”, or “aren’t you too old for that?”  Think about who is saying it. I can almost bet for certain it is someone who has never risks anything or someone who gave up on themselves!  So, let me tell you, living your dream is REAL and very possible.  Of course, you have to work on it!  Of course, it is not easy but, worth it!  How do I know? Because I got started as a performing poet when I was 40 years old!  And, let me assure you, I am still at it!  I am not famous or social media popular but, I make money doing what I love!

I am hear to help you.  I want to share my experiences and knowledge to help you collapse time and save money!  Yup, I am an song-writer, composer, poet, executive producer, director, author and certified professional coach!  You are worth it! You can do it!  Living your dream is possible!

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