Yes, you can EAT without being famous.  How you might ask?  1.  Be clear about your brand and message.  2. Create so that your tribe discovers you and you will be attracted to your “tribe”.  3.  Diversify your gig distribution channels.  4. Be sure to have added products or services that use your “gifts”.  5. Get a coach or mentor BEFORE you hire a manager or publicist.

I have coached over 30 local and regional artists, creators, hobbyist, performers and musicians over the last 10+ years and assisted them in developing, creating and managing their own selves and, make $ doing it!  We can start where you are!  Just a hobby but, need extra income?  Call me.  A stage performer but, want to make more money?  Call me.  A fashion designer that wants to have a clear and viable aesthetic? Call me.  Not sure but, you know you are a creative and have too much in your head?  Call me.

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Peace and light,


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